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Hair & Scalp Treatment, Hair Products / 2020-02-21

Preconditioning your hair

Conditioning is something that nourishes your hair to the depth starting from the roots. As much care you all take to select shampoo for your hair type, equal importance should be given to the conditioning product. As any nourishment to the hair is incomplete without conditioning. Just like your meal is incomplete without water. Now, what’s the correct method of conditioning your hair. Preconditioning hair before washing repairs frizzy hair and helps smoothen the hair cuticles.

Dry, frizzy hair cries for attention. Your motherly love for your hair requires just 3 steps: oiling, shampooing, conditioning. It’s needless to mention that whatever steps you are following require a proper and wise selection of products. Preconditioning your hair would nourish your hair and keep it hydrated and moisturized.

Multiple Ways for Preconditioning hair

You don’t always need to purchase the conditioner. You can prepare them at home as well. Some of the good precondition ingredients which you can find in your kitchen are as follows:

conditioning product

  • Vinegar and egg conditioner 

One of the best conditioners you can prepare at home is by using olive oil, eggs, honey, vinegar, lemon juice. Using conditioner before shampooing. Applying it on the hair and leaving it for 15 mins. before rinsing would leave your hair bouncy. Eggs add shine to your hair and olive oil makes your hair stronger. Honey is responsible for keeping hair hydrated and vinegar prevents the loss of hair.

  • Banana hair mask

Banana, honey, olive oil, milk, the egg makes a wonderful paste that can be applied to your hair for 15-30 mins before rinsing. Banana in itself is the best conditioner that prevents hair damage. It works wonders for frizzy, stubborn, tangled hair.

  • Coconut oil and honey conditioner

Coconut oil, honey, lemon, curd, rose water. Well, this conditioner is applied to the shampooed hair. Leaving it for 10-15 mins after applying and then washing them off with running water would leave nourish your hair to the depth. Coconut is blessed to make your hair smooth and soft. Coconut is also blessed to make your hair stronger and helps it to grow thicker. The essential minerals and fatty acids present in coconut feed your scalp with supplements.

  • Apple cider vinegar conditioner

Apple cider vinegar, along with honey, water in a bowl. Apply this mixture on the shampoo hair, pour the solution on the hair tips. No need to rinse it further. The final step involves adding water to dilute vinegar. The acidic nature smooths the hair.


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