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Hair & Scalp Treatment / 2020-05-20

Microneedling treat Hair Loss

Baldness is not a disease but a problem faced by millions of people every year. A wide range of products and medicine with a promising advertisement are available in the market. Though some are effective in preventing hair loss what about the growth of new hair.

What is Micro-needling?

hair growthMicroneedling is the answer that may not promise overnight hair growth but with proper treatment and practitioner efforts, that provides you with fruitful results. Androgenetic Alopecia is a scientific name for pattern hair loss in both men and women. Men in comparison suffer from baldness problems more. Microneedling for hair loss helps in the regeneration of new hair.

Microneedling with derma roller comprises of a roller having needles. It encourages the stem cells present in the hair follicles so that the growth of the new hair became possible. Though this method doesn’t promise a head full of hair, hair started to grow as the body heals the wound and covers the place where micro-needling is done.

How Microneedling Treat Hair Loss?

The micro-needling process creates points in the scalp that may cause small dots of bleeding. By rolling the tools at the required surface through firm pressure helps in stimulating the cells. The body growth system heals the wound and produces the growth of new hair. One more thing, this method doesn’t ensure the thickness of the hair so before undergoing the treatment chat with the dermatologist for hair care.

Is Dermaroller for Hair Loss Effective?

Many studies show the derma roller is an effective treatment for hair loss. Prior this technology is used to remove the scar created by acne. With technology improvisation, experts are using it for hair loss too. Practitioner derma roller is different from market available roller so don’t mistake with them. Market available derma roller having small needles that are used for cosmetic purposes.

Overall, dermarolling for hair restoration works with time and under the guidance of an expert. This treatment also involves a good amount of money.


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