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Beauty Remedies, Makeup Trends / 2021-02-28

Lipsticks For Dark Skin Tones

I know it’s hard to find the perfect lipstick colors for dark skin tones. So, want we have a dark skin tone? Don’t we have our right to perfectly highlight our lips or to dazzle our smile? Yes, we have. But it’s hard to find the right one which suits us. I know there are many options available in the market and like me, you also don’t want to waste your money on purchasing some odd color for yourself.

Now, I know to find the right lipstick colors for dark skin tones you will have to try some color on and then decide.  But, it’s not worthy at all. So, what you can do now? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the right shade. In this article, I’m going to share some amazing shades which I tried before. So, read this article whole to find your perfect match. Let’s get started.

Find the right one in the nudes:

Yes, my girls. You read it right. Even dusky people can rock in the nude shades. Nude shades are discovered to match the natural color of your lips. There are many nudes available in the market, like browns, pinks, purples. What you want to try is depends on you. But in general, dark skin toned girls can try this lipstick for brown skin that comes in darker nudes. Others can ones can try purple, peach, or light nudes. But here’s my pro tip for you – before picking one color, stand in front of your mirror and flip your lips. The marginal color between the inside and outside of your lips is the perfect shade for nudes.

Shades beside nudes:

Not only nudes, but you can also choose from other color ranges. There are many color options in lipstick shades for dark skin which you can use in your everyday look. Here I’m listing down some amazing colors for your day-to-day look.

  • Brown-

Brown always looks classy. This color is very trendy and modern. If you want a rich classy look, then go for brown. Go for a matte brown color if you want to portray a more confident look.

  • dark shadeMauve –

This color is new but trendy. If you don’t like your lips to be too nude or too dark, then go for the Mauve color.

  • Red –

This is a classic color for every skin tone. If you are dusky or light, one shade that will fit you all is Red. Pick a dark shade to dazzle yourself. Just try to pick creamy textured and pigmented red.

These are my top 3 colors for you.


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