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Beauty Remedies / 2020-07-12

Plump Lips with Essential Oil

Plump lips are the ones that look very chubby. These lips are very fresh and fleshy. It gives a fresh and natural impression to the women. These plump lips can be achieved with the help of some essential oils. Women can make lips thicker with oil and some other ingredients mixed with it.

How to Plump Lips with Essential Oils?

There exist a lot of ingredients mixed with essential oils that can make the lips look thicker and fresher than before. Adding only 9-10 drops of these oils will give quick and effective results to the people. These results will also last for a longer time to create a good professional and personal impression of them.

The following is a list of some essential oils which can be used for making the lips of women fresh and chubby-

  • make the lips look thickerOlive Oil:

Olive oil contains a lot of active nutrients along with Vitamin E. It gives great lip care to people and can be used as a perfect homemade lip balm for sure. Various essential oils make lips bigger and fresher and olive oil is one of those oils for sure.

Olive oil can be mixed with more than half a tablespoon of honey. Coconut oil can also be added to this mixture and rubbed on the lips evenly. This mixture is to be kept on the lips for at least 10-15 minutes. This mixture should not get dried up on the lips and should be rubbed from time-to-time within these 10-15 minutes.

  • Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile oil has a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients. For the same reason, it can refresh the skin of lips and can make them fresh as well as soft. If people are having swelled up lips, then this oil can help them quickly and provide relief to the people.

You can easily plump lips with essential oil among which one oil can be chamomile. Some people have lips that ache a lot causing trouble to them throughout the day. For such lips, people can get great help by using chamomile oil.

Chamomile oil can be used singly and there is no need to mix it with any other ingredient. This is a very gentle oil and that is why it does not need to be diluted at all. For better results, this oil should be applied to the lips throughout the day. As an alternative, this can be washed off as soon as it dries up and starts contracting on the lips.

  • Frankincense Oil:

This oil is the best lip conditioner used to date which gives absolute results to people. A mixture of 15 drops of frankincense oil, 15 drops of lavender oil, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil is mixed together to create a perfect blend. Then this mixture is applied to the lips for the whole day by gently rubbing it from time-to-time.


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