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Hair & Scalp Treatment, Hair Products / 2020-08-17

Turmeric for Hair Growth

Turmeric has always proven to be the most effective natural medicine. It has a lot of internal as well as external uses. It facilitates acne-free skin, health benefits, and hair growth to a great extent. The usage of turmeric for hair growth has been carried out for many years. It proves effective to make the hair shiny and soft. It may also reduce the drying up of hair to enhance its growth.

The healthy hair packs of turmeric help in providing nourishment to the hair. It also facilitates rapid growth and enhancement of the hair. Therefore, using turmeric will be very beneficial for the growth of hair in all different means.

Different Ways in which Turmeric facilitates Hair Growth:

Turmeric facilitates hair growth in many different ways. Some of them can be listed in specific detail as follows-

  • Treating Dandruff becomes much easier:


Dandruff is caused due to the presence of dry skin on the scalp of hair. By making a proper turmeric hair growth mask, the nourishment of the hair scalp can be maintained. This will eventually reduce dandruff by making the scalp soft and moisturized.

  • Reduces Itching and Inflammation:

It happens sometimes that the hair scalp becomes very itchy and causes inflammation to the head. This effect may last for a very long time if not treated properly. The occurrence of the same effect can also reduce hair growth in people. However, to avoid all these phenomena, taking precautionary actions is necessary.

With the help of turmeric hair masks and slight hair scrubbers, the itching of the scalp can be greatly reduced. Along with the reduction of itching, the inflammation caused in the scalp also reduces.

All the above turmeric’s benefits for hair prove its worthiness to the people. For the same reasons, turmeric should be applied to the hair by people at least 2-3 times a week.

Turmeric Hair Masks for Active Hair Growth:

Below is a list of some hair masks made of turmeric that can be used to facilitate rapid hair growth and hair strengthening the people. There exist many different hair masks which can give a good immunity to the hair. These turmeric masks can also bring back the shine of the hair by making the roots strong.

Some turmeric hair masks can be made with the following ingredients-

  • 1 spoon of milk and 1 spoon of honey when mixed with 2 spoons of turmeric makes an even paste. This paste is thoroughly applied to the hair and gently rubbed on the hair scalp. It is kept for about 10-12 minutes on the hair and then washed off with semi-warm water.
  • A mixture of 4 tablespoons of turmeric and 4 tablespoons of curd can be applied on hair and left for some time. This nourishes the hair and reduces the occurrence of dandruff.

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