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Skin Care Routine / 2020-12-05

Calm Irritated Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to various infections, gets irritation once exposed to any foreign elements. The slightest change in weather, extreme sun rays, chilled winds, or any application, sensitive skin is subject to the reaction in each of these situations. Even medications and remedies also refuse to work every time on such skin. However, still, there are few numbers of methods that work well to calm down sensitive irritated skin.

  • Spray soothing and natural most

To soothe the irritation, spraying natural mist like that of rose, cucumber, lavender, mint, etc, acts as an instant reliever. It penetrates inside the skin layer and cools down the inflammation caused. Hydrated skin is less prone to irritation. Rashes are the reaction of the skin to inflammation which is controlled by the cooling effect of natural potions. After misting apply hydrating moisturizer as per your skin type to keep your skin hydrated and cool. Moisturiser also acts as a shield between your skin and external reacting stimuli.

  • Start Using Green Tea

Green tea is the main ingredient of all the sprays, moisturizer which works wonder on skin. Applying it cools down the irritated inflamed skin layer and restores the essence of the skin. Aloe vera is another magical creation of nature for the skin.

It can even be prepared at home. Leave it overnight on the skin or use it either to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, aloe vera knows how to repair the damaged layers.

irritated skin

  • Cleanse or exfoliate gently

Follow the strict disciplined regimen for the well-being of the skin. Splash cool water on your skin after waking up in the morning. Cleanse your skin with a gel-based cleanser. Choose your cleaning product wisely with natural elements like tulsi, neem, mint, cucumber, aloe vera, green tea as its main ingredients. Exfoliate your skin in the soothing slow circular motion and then rinse it with cool water. Tease your skin with natural toner ending up with gel-based or water-based moisturizer to lock your skin’s calmness. Follow this skin regimen religiously.

  • Realize your skin triggers

Get remember one thing, your skin shows up what’s it going through inside. If anything is reacting with your skin it would instantly signal you, that you need to check the triggers that are irritating your skin. To get rid of skin irritation you need to cut on those triggers immediately you realize it, may it be any caffeine, any vegetable like brinjal, tomato, lady’s finger, or any cosmetics.


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