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Hair Products / 2020-06-16

Go from Brunette to Blonde Hair

Colouring hair might sound like an easy task but a lack of information and experience leads to awkward and surprising results. Go from Brunette to Blonde Hair means converting darker hair shades into light yellow shade. Going from lighter hair color to darker color is not that difficult but doing the opposite is. A person needs to undergo a pre-bleaching procedure which includes many steps from expert advice to maintenance treatment. The important part is hair did not get damage while this shift.

Dye hair from Brunette to Blonde

If you want to go from brunette to blonde hair, you will have to udder-go the following steps:

  • Expert Consultation

Advice from hair experts matters a lot. They will tell you about the whole process. It gives you a clear picture of hair and besides, the time and cost involved. It is important to know desired shade is possible or not and this can only through chat with a hair expert.

  • Strand test

In this, hair expert color some strand or a small section of your hair to get to know the reaction and desired look is possible it not and how long it takes.

hair colouring

  • Prepare your hair before the treatment

After the strand, you get a clear picture of shade, cost, and time. Now you need to prepare your hair for further treatment. Every chemical treatment damage the hair so makes them strong by eating a protein-rich diet and safe products.

  • Information about hair products

Colour the hair involves many hair products like a bond builder, protein treatment, moisturizer, and so on. Information about them helps you know about the damaging effect and hair shine.

  • The timing between the sessions

Some shades are possible in one go while others take time. It depends on your hair. So, talk with the expert about that too. Hair needs time to recover from damaging effects so time is necessary between the session.

  • Maintenance

After-care of hair is important. Use products that help maintain the hair. Hairstyling products such as ironing, blow drying also damage the hair so try to avoid them as much as you can.

Overall, this is the correct way to go blonde.


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