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Makeup Trends, Skin Care Routine / 2020-10-12

Proper use of makeup removing wipes

facial cleansing wipesMakeup is a part and parcel of a girl’s essentials without which she feels incomplete to step out. May it be confined to just minimal kajal lining or the whole loaded makeup palette. But many feel lazy enough to wipe out those artificial puts on the face and blunder by leaving it overnight on the face which has adverse effects on skin texture. They are unaware of the fact that employing 2 hours in putting on artificial colors on the face, while it takes just 2 mins to put them on. Yes, with the judicious use of makeup remover wipes, one may easily cleanse their face back to its natural look.

How to Use Make-up Removing Wipes:

Now, what’s the proper technique of employing makeup-removing wipes into your job of facial cleansing wipes.

  • The safest way to cleanse is to rinse your face with cleansing face wash. After that wash it with cool water. This is safest because it opens the pores and removes the dirt which penetrated deep inside your skin layer. It just takes seconds to conduct the process. Then you wipe off the face with facial cleanser wipes which would remove the residues from the face and would leave it fresh.
  • For those with sensitive skin, fragrant wipes are a strict no. It irritates the skin which results in a breakout. Many times, people accuse their makeup products of the reason for those breakouts, but that’s because they are unaware of the proper facial cleansing method which leads to breakouts.
  • Even if you are using it over sensitive and dry skin, applying moisturizer is an important measure post using the wipes. They must restrict its use on the T- zone and should confine the use just to eyes, lips, etc.
  • However, nothing can replace washing face with water, but wipes are most convenient for use on a journey or when water is unavailable. While wiping out eye lining or mascara, you can even leave the wipes over your eyes for a minute or two, then gently wipe them off. But remember don’t rub your eyes as you would not want the eyeliner to get inside your eyes and cause irritation or selfishness or your eyelash to be ripped off.
  • However, employing proper wipes using technique would make it through by starting your work in the middle, then gradually moving outward by covering the jawlines and hairlines.

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